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Center for Hydraulic and Hydrotechnical Research

The Center for Hydraulic and Hydrotechnical Research (CIHH) is a center for the study of topics related to the environment and water resources in Panama. Founded on 20 October 1980 due to the need to face the development of projects in the field of water sciences as system of irrigation design of dams and others.

More details on the website https://cihh.utp.ac.pa.

CIHH has 27 collaborators

It has 7 Research Areas

  1. Tropical Hydrology
  2. Climate Change and Meteorology
  3. Coastal Marine Studies
  4. Hydraulic
  5.  Environmental Systems
  6. Geotransference
  7.  Nuclear Instrumentation

For CIHH the provision of special services is an important facet, Through this work we have helped to overcome shortcomings in the implementation of activities within different private public enterprises and even in rural communities with which we have worked.



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